Testimonials - What Our Clients Say

Maddie rescue dog at 4 Paws Hydrotherapy Centre RingwoodMy rescue Maddie has arthritis and hip dysplasia and was struggling after elbow surgery. We have been going to 4 Paws for over three years. She started her therapy first on the water treadmill and then in the pool and now the treadmill is more suited to her condition so she has her sessions on that again. Although she’s anxious the team at the centre have been fantastic with her. They are really knowledgeable, professional and very kind. Maddie is doing so much better and we are now including physiotherapy and laser therapy in her plan. The ongoing treatment for three years has meant she has been able to avoid needing surgery. I would highly recommend this centre for the excellent care and treatments they provide.

Gill and Maddie

Toby dog at 4 Paws Hydrotherapy Centre RingwoodI can’t say enough good things about 4 Paws. They have helped Toby recover from a double cruciate ligaments operation and now keep him mobile with weekly swims which help his arthritis. The girls are always so kind & he loves going for his swim, it’s just a big treat for him. There is no doubt that his health is much better now & we are really grateful. Keep up the good work 4 Paws, your fur babies love you.

Toby, Coral & John

Kelly dog at 4 Paws Hydrotherapy Centre RingwoodI have been taking my GSD Kelly to 4 Paws for more than three years, before and after surgery for a new hip. She had dysplasia in both hips but, on specialist advice, had only the worst replaced initially in the hope that, once she had one good hip, she would not need surgery on the other. That seems to be the case as annual checks following her surgery have shown no deterioration in the unoperated hip. I feel sure that the 4Paws treatments have helped achieve that, strengthening both rear legs. She has a range of treatments – physio, underwater treadmill and swimming. Swimming is her favourite but she is always excited and happy to be there, no matter what treatment she has. I have found the staff at 4Paws to be extremely professional, caring and friendly and genuinely interested in Kelly’s wellbeing. They have been an invaluable source of hints, tips and support over the years. I would recommend them very highly to anyone whose animals would benefit from the treatments they offer.

Kelly & Rosemary

Molly dog at 4 Paws Hydrotherapy Centre RingwoodMolly our 12 year old Lab/Staffie cross has had much to put up with over the years, double Cruciate Surgery, Cancer and now Osteoarthritis. Four Paws has been part of her life since referral from our vet practice and what a difference they have made. She so enjoys her sessions and can’t wait to get in the pool. I am truly grateful to the staff for the time, care and attention they give Molly whose joy is clear to see when she is in the pool. The effect lasts for a long time when we get home and is a pleasure to watch. Thank you all.

Janice & Molly

Harry dog at 4 Paws Hydrotherapy Centre RingwoodI have been bringing my 15 year old Labrador to 4 Paws for about a year to manage his arthritis and help with his mobility. He settled into the routine quickly and is happy and confident in the capable hands of the Hydrotherapy Team – Natasha, Nikki and Tori. Each member of the team is gentle, patient and encouraging and Harry loves his weekly trips there. Harry has benefited enormously from this excellent care with increased mobility and fitness and I would highly recommend 4 Paws.

Harry & Julie